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Life After High School

For most high school students, life after high school is filled with many question marks. Going up through the ranks in high school, most kids are set on a similar track. Whether you’re a jock or a band geek, for the most part everyone takes the same classes. Around junior year, the number one questionContinue reading “Life After High School”

Optimism > Pessimism

As we’re approaching a part of the year that is colder and darker, it’s common for the mind to be more negative than not. Today, I found out my school was shutting down due to Covid. As are many other industries, especially small business. If anything, this year is the easiest year to be madContinue reading “Optimism > Pessimism”

The End of The Semester Slump

As the semester is coming to an end, we are all feeling that overlying pressure of final exams creeping in. Though they are three weeks away, this year our classes are all taking their own different route in giving those exams. Some professors are giving them early and letting us have the last week offContinue reading “The End of The Semester Slump”

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